Tech Round Up – Jan 4

Monday Round Up – What has been going on the past week and some links that interest me.

Best Science Fiction list – This isn’t really a new one for me, but for any of you science fiction fans out there,
here is a list of the classics. If you are looking for something to read, give this list a look over. Here is a review if interested.

Hack My Resume – I didn’t play around with this much and it is on my infinite ‘todo’ list, but it looks like a handy thing. It looks like it is a cl tool to easily and rapidly generate resumees in many formats. I am not really looking for a position at the moment, but it is good to always be prepared.

Poop to save the world – This is an interesting idea… use already running water to harness energy. I would wonder about maintenance and cost of something like this, but I love to see thinkers make unique ideas come to fruition that could help revolutionize our energy consumption/production

Falcon 9 ready to launch again? – Elon says YES! Make it happen, please. The sooner this happens the sooner we can get on with the business of taking over the galaxy and universe. Lets do this, man.

Banks in the Bitcoin business – Bitcoin may not be the money of the future, but the big dogs are investing money in it. Me? I personally think that some variation of Bitcoin, if not Bitcoin itself, will become the money of standard at some point in the future. Once we have chips in our heads (ok… that was sarcasm – well, half sarcasm), how nice would it be to just think a payment? But I suppose all the hard currencies of the world, and the governments behind them, might have something to say about this.

Google getting serious about wiring the US with fast internet – Be afraid, cable companies. Oh, afraid you are not? You will be… you will be.

A nice, feely, recap of the futuristic stuff 2015 brought us – Bring on the future!

A beautiful resolution suggestion post – More bring on the future!