My name is Ben Myhre and my primary job is as a food blogger at Ramshackle Pantry, where I share heritage recipes, classic cocktails, and the history behind them. I have a 2020 goal of writing 300 words per day and this blog about blogging is a way to help make that happen.

Before you get too far into my site, I have to be upfront that I am not making a bajillion dollars from my website. I have no intent on telling you ways to get rich quick. I don’t have any magic bullets, nor all the answers. Honestly, I have spent a lot of time borking up my blog. What I have to share is my experience and I will be as honest as I can.

This site will help me get my thoughts recorded somewhere. A place where I might be able to share the information I know, walk through issues, or maybe even help some of you improve your food blog. I really look forward to sharing what I know and learning from you.

There are many different skills to know in this field and I am here to help you navigate through them. Technology, SEO, photography, writing, design, and marketing are all skills that are super important to food blogging. Then, most importantly, there is the food.

But This Site Looks So Simple

Yes, it is simple. That is the intention. Run it through Google PageSpeed Insights once. I am intentionally keeping this site very simple. If you check out Ramshackle Pantry, you will get a better sense of what a full website might look like if I put effort into design.

This site is intended to be much like me. Not very pretty, but I have a few good things to say.

My Life

I live in Fargo, North Dakota with my wife (Ashley), 3 cats, a St. Bernard named Kate Winslet, and an almost-40-year-old bread yeast. I have entertained naming the yeast, but then I realize how silly it is. The yeast will probably end up with a name.

Outside of Ramshackle Pantry, I help with the team at NerdPress and feel super lucky to work with Andrew and the rest of the crew. Also, my opinions here are mine.

I enjoy fishing (both Summer fishing and ice fishing). We love traveling, reading, and hanging out at home with all of my people (Ashley) and assorted critters.

While I claim food blogging as my career today, it is one of a few careers I have had. In my younger years, I was a line cook, waiter, and bartender. I am an Army veteran and have been deployed to a few interesting places. I also spent several years supporting technology. Then, I worked in clinics and hospitals helping implement billing software. From there, I spent several years performing website and application support for a marking and technology company. Then, moved into being a Web Developer for a few years and then spent time working as a Software Engineer.

I also wrote a silly cookbook in 2012 named Fifty Shades of Bacon. This obvious parody cookbook has been a really fun project that still is selling and really opened up a world of cooking to me.

I love technology. It is a very large subject, however, and I have chosen to place that interest into Ramshackle Pantry. Some of you may know me from the other support work I do, and I love spending time on that, as well. Ramshackle Pantry, however, is my baby.