My name is Ben Myhre and I like solving problems. If you need someone to develop a website, are interestested in working on an application or want to add online marketing value to your business, contact me.

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My Philosophy:

Understanding the problem is THE most important foundation of any project. What are you trying to achieve? What are your current pain points? What is important to you?

Technologies are just tools used to solve important problems. A homebuilder would not use a shovel to dig a basement, but would bring in an excavator. Likewise, they would not bring in an excavator to install a doorbell. Being able to figure out what tools are appropriate for the job is critical in making a great product in an efficient manner. I feel it is critical to pick the right tools for your project.

Web development is my craft and I take it seriously. I am a craftsman looking to build things that are reflective of my craftsmanship. It is important for me to write code that is extensible, reusable and elegant.

Simplicity is most often the best solution. In the world of technology, things can get real complex, real quick and sometimes you just can’t avoid it. My goal is to introduce any needed complexity with intent and thought. I want to build foundations that can support a bit of complexity when needed.

About Me:

I have been a professional web developer since July, 2014. I am over 40 and perhaps started this game a little late, but life is too short to not do the things you want to do. I have always been willing to learn more, adapt to my interests and drive on.

I am an inquisitive person and will often go out of my way to try and understand how things are put together or can be improved. As an example, I am a home cook and went through a period where I became very interested in pizza. Soon, I was making my own dough and shortly thereafter... sauce. It wasn't enough. I still wanted to get closer to pizza making so I started making my own cheese. While I still have quite a bit to learn, I feel that I am closer to the pizza making process than most. In the food and beverage area, I also enjoy brewing beer and most often have a keg or two on tap at home.

Even though I do spend quite a bit of my free time coding, I believe a part of being a great developer is having a well rounded and full life. For me, that includes making sure to get out and see the world. My wife, Ashley, and I, love going out to explore what the world has to offer by traveling to new places. Having grown up sharing time between California and North Dakota, I have been given an interesting perspective from two distinctly different areas of the country. Both are uniquely awesome places and I am grateful for that experience.... it helps push me to find the next great place and people that can expand my horizons.

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Getting sh*t done, Unending curiosity (Every business has interesting aspects), Picking up tools as I need them, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, Wordpress, Expression Engine, Git, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Swift, Wordpress, Photoshop, Google Analytics

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